Thank you for your enquiry and request of representing AES Folkestone.

We are always looking for agents and associates who can represent our institution overseas. We would like to take this opportunity to ask you some questions and to try and learn more about your organisation.

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1. When was your organization founded?
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3. What countries do you work with currently? What types of institutions do you represent?
4. Are you currently representing any British institutions? Yes No

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5. On average, how many students do you send overseas each year?
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6. What types of programs are your students interested in? What are the main areas of demand?
7. What is a typical profile of a student that you refer (i.e. age, gender, education level, educational/personal/professional goals, etc.)?
8. In what ways would you see AES working together with your organisation?
9. How would you describe the potential for British institutions in your country?
10. In your opinion what British institutions have to do to be successful in your country?
11. How many staff do you currently have?
12. What type of training, experience, and/or qualifications do your counsellors have?
13. Could you provide us on request with two or three British contacts who might act as references for your organisation? Yes No

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