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A Message for Teachers and Group Organisers

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing". - Dale Carnegie

As a teacher of English or a school group organiser, you have opportunities to give your students a great deal of fun and learning as well as a wonderful cultural and language experience with us in sunny Folkestone.

We are experts in designing and delivering courses tailored to your exact requirements – and the magic ingredient we add is FUN!

We believe in the power of fun because “people don’t remember what you say – they remember how you made them feel”. Our job is to get your students having lots of fun and loving every minute of their learning.

Just tell us:

  • When you want to have fun and learning with us
  • What you want to include in your course
  • How long you want to stay with us
  • How many students you want to bring and make a positive, fun difference to
  • Anything else that would make your personalised course extra special and impossible to forget

We then do the work and present you with options and choices, together with fees, for a memorable
group visit with your students.

And not only this…

We are also committed to:

  • Supporting you in your work in your school
  • Helping you plan and recruit students for a course with us
  • Being your professional service partner in England
  • Providing you with resources that help you in your work and course organisation
  • Being creative with you and delivering our promises and agreements

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