Host Families

Your stay with your host family is a very important part of your experience in England. We promise that you will be very happy with our host families.

What you get is:

  • Meals - breakfast & dinner, Monday to Friday + lunch at weekends. No daily sandwiches for your lunch Monday to Friday
  • Bedroom - Clean and tidy - with a desk and a heater
  • Showers - One shower or bath a day - about 15 minutes each day
  • Laundry - You can wash your clothes at your host family. Ask how to use the machine or they may wash your clothes for you
  • Ironing - Ask your family if you can use their iron
  • Keys - Ask your family for a door key if you are over 16
  • Going out - Tell your family if you will be late home
  • Telephone - You can receive calls at your host family. DO NOT make calls without asking first.
  • Letters - You can use your host family address to receive letters

Our Top Tips for having a happy stay with your host family:

  • Always speak to your host family
  • Do what your host family do
  • Learn POLITE English and use it
  • Tell you family if you will not be home to eat
  • Tell you family if you are going away
  • Never use their telephone without asking
  • Offer to pay something if you go out with your family
  • Follow their House Rules
  • Speak to them if you have a problem
  • Keep your bedroom tidy and make your bed
  • Wash your clothes

Host family accommodation cost:

  • Accommodation is on half-board basis during the week and full-board at weekends the cost per week is £120.
  • There is a one off accommodation placement fee of £25.00

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