Welcome to AES!

Here at AES we love what we do! We are a family-run, English language school on the beautiful Kent coast within easy reach of London and just a few kilometres away from the historic cathedral city of Canterbury.

AES - Academy Of English Studies

As well as having a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we employ a team of experienced teachers, dedicated to making your time here meaningful and fun.

Our teachers use the latest teaching methodologies and accelerated learning techniques.

We are accredited by the British Council so if you are ready to speak excellent English in a fun and friendly language school – read on!

Because we employ experienced teachers, your lessons are designed to maximise your English language skills, so that you will see a significant improvement in your language.

Our years of experience mean that everything we do focuses on measuring your performance to get the very best results for you.

We also understand the importance of cultural awareness and strongly believe that in order to be an excellent communicator, you need to have a deeper understanding of culture.

Our programmes take this into account so that you leave your training experience with a more complete understanding of what excellent communication is.

AES - Academy Of English Studies

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Accredited by the British Council

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AES, Folkestone, Emgland, Kent